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The How to Build a Human - Card Game Challenge

You all had great fun taking inspiration from the amazing Human Cell Atlas in order to design a Cell-tastic card game. We hope you all enjoyed some really good games with friends and family and learnt a thing or two whilst you were at it!

Watch the videos below and download the challenge pack for all the inspiration and information you need to start designing your own card game.

The Human Cell Atlas aims to create comprehensive reference maps of all human cells—the fundamental units of life—as a basis for both understanding human health and diagnosing, monitoring, and treating disease.

Download the challenge pack!

How to build a human card game challenge

The challenge pack contains all of the information you need to understand the brief, learn about the Human Cell Atlas as well as some handy hints and tips on how to design a fun, original and educational card game.


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Activity 1

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So what is the Human Cell Atlas?

Watch this video to learn all about the Human Cell Atlas and find some inspiration for your card game idea.

Download the challenge pack to get lots more information about the HCA and what it is. Once you have learnt about the HCA move on to the next activity to learn even more about the tissues and cells inside the human body, before going on to designing your card game!

Activity 2

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What cells go where?

This is HCA Researcher Christos Proukakis talking about his work on the project, specifically on the brain.

If you want to learn even more about the Human Cell Atlas you can watch some further videos from Human Cell Atlas researchers here.

Take a look at the fact sheets in the challenge pack to help you learn which cells make up which tissue and pick out some key facts about human cells and tissues to use in your game design.

Activity 3

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How to design a card game

Expert game designer Richard Heayes gives you his tips on designing a card game.

Your challenge is to design a card game that takes inspiration from the Human Cell Atlas and your knowledge of human cells and tissues.

In part 2 of the challenge presentation found in the challenge pack you will find some more great hints and tips on how to design a cell-tacular card game. There is advice on working in a team as well as answers to your questions about what you can include in your game.

Now you’re ready to begin designing your game. Move onto activity three to start generating your ideas.

Activity 4

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Generating your ideas

The idea generation pack found in the challenge pack is there to guide you through the process of designing your game.

You can use these sheets to jot down ideas and have a really good think about the story behind your game, the rules and how it might look. Don’t worry about getting a bit messy on these sheets, think of them like your sketchbook and let the ideas flow! You can also use extra paper if you need.

Activity 5

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Complete your entry sheets

Now it’s time to fill in your entry sheets that are found inside your challenge pack. We want to see your game box cover design, how some of the cards will look and understand how to play your game. Write and draw as neatly as you can, using colours and labels to explain your card game idea.

Lastly, but very importantly we would love to hear how you got on with the workshop by filling out the answers to these few short questions -